Explore other areas near Hocking Hills

While there is plenty to do in the Hocking Hills area, there are some other places to visit nearby that may be of interest to you.

Athens, OH

Home to Ohio University (Brian’s alma mater!), this quaint college town in southern Ohio has some great restaurants, breweries, and shopping in the uptown area. Explore the beautiful campus located on the banks of the Hocking River, grab a pint of some of the best beer you will ever have Jackie O's Brewpub or have dinner at Zoe restaurant. Here is a link to a great article on things to do in Athens.

Nelsonville, OH

Just a short 20 minute drive from Stella Blue Cabin, Nelsonville is the home of the Rocky Boot Company. You can visit their factory outlet store in downtown Nelsonville. While there take a ride on a steam or diesel-powered train through the beautiful Hocking Hills on the Hocking Hills Scenic Railway. The downtown area has a few quaint restaurants and shops as well. For those interested in bicycling, the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway is an amazing paved trail that will take you along the Hocking River all the way to Athens.

Lancaster, OH

Located just northwest of the Hocking Hills region, Lancaster is one of the larger cities in the area. Lancaster is known for its glass factories; you can check out the Ohio Glass Museum while visiting. If you want to do some more hiking, an amazing trail with great views of the area is Rising Park – it is a fairly steep hike to the top, but once there the views are worth it! If you are into history, check out the Sherman House, birthplace of Civil War general William Tecumseh Sherman. The downtown area also has many local shops to browse, click this link to find a comprehensive list. If you are looking for a chain restaurant to eat at, this is the place to go as well with Texas Roadhouse, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, and a host of others all nearby.

Chillicothe, OH

Home to the world famous Tecumseh! Outdoor Drama the drive to Chillicothe is well worth it to witness this amazing production.